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Bamboo Spork Bamboo Spork $3.00
Ginger Glow 16 Hour Soy Votive Candle Ginger Glow 16 Hour Soy Votive Candle $6.00
I Wasn't Born in the South... I Wasn't Born in the South... $20.00
Organically Grown Footie Organically Grown Footie $20.00
Chef Set Chef Set $20.00
Tool Set Tool Set $28.00
Bamboo Utensil Holder Bamboo Utensil Holder $13.00
Bottle Opener Bottle Opener $11.00
ChicoBag DayPack15 rePete ChicoBag DayPack15 rePete $25.00


Green Goods is an Eco-Friendly store located at 220 NW Broad St. in Southern Pines, NC. We carry organic products such as soaps, make-up, perfume, organic bamboo clothing, organic baby products, and much more. We also have very unique gifts made from recycled glass, paper, aluminum, inner tubes, and believe it or not even elephant poo. We have a very strong passion for the preservation of the planet. Our motto is "Saving the planet one purchase at a time". Please come visit us, we would love to show you the cool ways to begin living a green lifestyle.

Visit Us 220 NW Broad St.
Southern Pines, NC 28387
(910) 692-2511

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